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The United States introduced a new standard for imported LED products Vinyl encapsulation technology

In 2017, China exported nearly 10 billion U.S. dollars in LED products to the global market, while North America accounted for the majority. Its exports in the first three quarters exceeded 2.7 billion U.S. dollars and are now growing at a 5% monthly rate. North America is the largest market for our LED products. Therefore, export LED products in North America how to meet market access standards is very crucial.

At present, North America has set new standards for the export of Chinese LED products to the North American market. Relevant products are required to comply with the relevant laws and regulations and must pass relevant tests in terms of safety and energy efficiency.

For example, in North American electrical product certification pressure test, the standard for the 120-volt product index is 1000 volts 1 minute test. When high voltage is applied during the test, a leakage current is generated in the insulator. When the current value suddenly increases, it is considered as breakdown. This is the product of the insulator put forward the requirements, it must be a strong compressive insulator. As a filler material, vinyl as an insulator, its dielectric strength is 23,000 volts, which is the maximum voltage to withstand. The dielectric strength of the vinyl does not break down in this standard voltage, demonstrating its excellent properties as an insulator.

Commonly used voltage in North America is 120V, the rated current is greater than the voltage of 220V, and most of North American buildings with wood, prone to fire, so the fire safety requirements of electrical products are particularly stringent. To enter the North American electrical products need to pass the flame test.

For example, the flame retardant grade of the U.S. market has several criteria:

1, B level of the level of combustion test

2,94V-0 vertical burning test

3, 94V-5 vertical burning test

4,94VTM-0 vertical burning test

As a high-quality filler, Vinyl passed the UL flame test, the flame retardant grade reached 94V-0. Its flash point is greater than 280 degrees Celsius. Open flame combustion will not help combustion.

In environmental requirements, the North American market has also entered a product has a clear requirement. For example, California has very strict environmental protection standards, lighting manufacturers need to submit relevant technical documents and other information to prove that the products they sell or supply in California meet the requirements of the ROHS Directive, the harmful substances in their products Will not result in being banned from selling or supplying in California. Vinyl is a pollution-free physical glue that is a one-component product that differentiates it from other chemical-based adhesives. It will not pollute the environment when it is used. It passed the test and meets the ROHS standards. It is non-toxic, harmless and environmentally safe.

Shanghai Sparks as a vinyl manufacturer, has a long history. Over the years, from ballast, filter and other products to the current potting LED power potting, it Philips, lvshilight, GE, Osram and other companies to provide first-class quality vinyl and potting solution. 95% of the ballasts in the North American market are potted with vinyl. Today, many excellent domestic manufacturers of LED driver power have begun to use vinyl to potting, Spark has grown to be the largest in addition to North America, accounting for China's largest vinyl market potting material manufacturers. Today's experience will also help you make a big money journey in North America or Asia

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