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What does an LED light glow on without a filament? That's how it works. It's amazing!

1, there is no wonder of the world, we are not strange to the lamp, are household names andAll inUse, today xiaobian to share for you the wonders of technology.

2, before there were no energy-saving lamps, we used incandescent lamps, and the use of incandescent lamps
The principle of
It's powered by tungsten, and it's very cheap, but with technology
The continuous into
With the rise of leds, fewer and fewer people are using incandescents.

3. What kind of light does the LED light rely on? We know that LED lights are very bright, not only
This is also very energy efficient, in fact, LED light is also light emitting diode, its heart is belongs to
A semiconductor chip, which consists of two parts, a p-type semi-conductor and an n-type semiconductor.

4. The principle by which it emits light, however, is that when an electric current is passed through the chip, an
Electrons collide with electrons in a p-type semiconductor to produce photons
The LED light we see.

5, relatively speaking, I believe that friends know, before the use of incandescent lights, often
The bulb burns off because the tungsten filament is exposed to high temperatures
In the case of LED lights, it mainly depends on the form of current to release energy, and
And the LED lamp can also emit different colors of light, depending on its wavelength, which is
That's how LED works.


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